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Welcome to Douglas Forest Resort!

Rules & Regulations


  • Check-In: Starts at 2 pm.
  • Check-Out: Time is 11 am.
  • Early Arrival/Departure:
    • May be possible based on site availability.
    • Fee charged per hour increment.
    • Guest must contact the office to arrange prior to departure date and time.

Site Maintenance

  • Cleanliness:
    • Site will be clean upon arrival.
    • Ensure site is clean upon departure.
  • Trash Disposal:
    • Place trash in the dumpster located at the front of the property beside the office.
  • Fire Rings: Do not move fire rings.
  • Vehicle Limit:
    • One RV per site with one tow vehicle and one golf cart.
    • Additional vehicles stored in a designated location with an extra vehicle fee(s).
  • Sewer Hoses:
    • Must have a watertight rubber collar.
    • Ensure all hookups are in good working order.
  • RV Condition:
    • RVs must be in good condition and well maintained.
    • No tarps, hoses, cables out of windows, tents, indoor furniture, clutter/trash, or mess allowed on any RV site.


  • Age Requirement:
    • Guest/Registrant must be over 21 and present a valid photo ID.
    • IDs of all guests over 16 must be scanned and entered into the guest’s online file.
  • Registration:
    • Only adults and children indicated on the registration forms are permitted on site.
    • All visitors must stop and be registered at the office for a visitor fee, per person, paid at the time of visitor check-in.
    • Visitors are not permitted on property after hours and during quiet time.

Modes of Transportation and Parking

  • Speed Limit: 6 mph, strictly enforced.
  • Driver's License Requirement:
    • Individuals without a current driver’s license may not operate any motorized vehicle on the property.
  • Vehicle Limit:
    • Up to 2 vehicles per site (including the camper and tow vehicle).
    • Extra vehicles may park at the nearest overflow parking spot.
  • Parking Rules:
    • No parking on the grass, streets, or vacant campsites.
    • Testing, repairs, tuning, or maintenance of vehicles or RV is prohibited.
  • Golf Carts:
    • Electric and gas golf carts allowed.
    • Drivers must be at least 16 years old with a current driver's license and proof of insurance on file.
  • Prohibited Vehicles:
    • No ATVs, dirt bikes, or other off-road vehicles allowed.
    • Motorcycles only for entering or exiting the resort.
  • Boat and Trailer Parking:
    • No boats, jet skis, or boat trailers allowed on your site.
    • Park these items in the designated area.
  • Pets:
    • Pet fees may apply, per pet, with a max of two.
    • Clean up after pets and keep them on a leash.
    • Pets must be well-behaved and non-aggressive; no excessive barking.

Quiet Time Hours

  • Quiet Hours: 10 pm to 8 am.
    • Keep voices and entertainment media at a low level.
  • Children:
    • Under 16 must be on their site by dusk.
    • Always accompanied by a parent or adult in all areas of property.

Failure to Adhere to Rules and Regulations

  • Three-Strike Policy:
    • 1st Warning: Verbal.
    • 2nd Warning: In writing.
    • 3rd Warning: Written notice of termination of the resort agreement.
  • Management Rights:
    • Management reserves the right to remove anyone for behavior detrimental to the resort and its guests or for failing to observe the rules of the resort without prior strikes.


  • Rule Acknowledgement:
    • All guests must acknowledge these rules according to the rules and regulations on the website.
    • Guests must sign the Registration Form.
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